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The Vision

Real Life is a non-profit outreach organization which seeks to impact others simply through Being Real and Embracing Life.

Real Impact. One Life At A Time.
Personal Investments

Our greatest asset is our people, and their greatest passion is to make the most of the time they are able to spend with others. This hands on approach is what truly sets Real Life apart. 

We believe in investing in people over facilities, resources, or materials. This approach is evident in every decision our leadership team makes. 


The organizational goals we set are not related to impressive buildings or financial benchmarks.


At Real Life, success is not a destination to be reached, but something that can only be measured in the lives that are touched along the journey. 

Effective Partnerships

As a recognized and respected entity in the Upstate of South Carolina for nearly a decade, Real Life has been able to build lasting partnerships for change in the local community and beyond.

Joint endeavors with community groups such as schools, churches, athletic teams, businesses and other non-profits have extended the reach of our organization in ways that cannot be measured. 

​We are always looking for new ways to partner with those around us to make a difference in our world.

Life-Changing Events

From the very beginning, Real Life has been known for regularly bringing people together through high impact conferences, retreats and activities.


Some of our most memorable moments have been as a result of these environments created with an intentionality toward impacting lives positively.


Our flagship events, known as Focus, date back to 2005. Our team regularly brings together high school, middle school, and college age students from across the Carolinas for an unforgettable weekends of both intense activity and quiet reflection.

Summing It Up...

“Through the folks at Real Life I discovered that God has a plan for my life, that nothing happens by accident, and every day is a gift which can be used to make a difference that lasts forever. I will never see the world the same again thanks to the lessons I learned through the timely words and powerful example of these incredible individuals. ”

Fall Weekend Focus Camp Attendee

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